Tamheed for Employers

Are you an employer? We provide accurate results for your candidates in a quick, concise way.

Tamheed can effectively assist employers become more aware of their employees' personal skills, qualities, aptitudes and interests so that they can make the most of their employees' career aspirations and follow a skills development path which best suits them and the needs of the organization.

Tamheed Assessment Applications


Tamheed assessments can be tailored to measure the skills and abilities required for a job to ensure the right candidate is selected for the job.

Candidates can be ranked in terms of training ability and unsuitable candidates can automatically be removed from the candidate pool, significantly reducing the amount of candidates to interview.


Tamheed can effectively predict how quickly candidates can process information and, therefore, how quickly candidates can train on the job.

Candidates can be ranked in terms of Capacity to Process Information (CPI) and placed into training cohorts with other individuals who will learn new skills at the same rate.


Tamheed can create unique organizational norms. Future applicants can be compared to existing employees to determine suitability of placement.

Tamheed psychologists can also work with organizations to determine the ideal profile for each role and potential candidates can be compared against this ideal profile.

Leadership Identification

Tamheed assessment results can be used to determine who has the potential for promotion and who has the potential to be a good leader.

Team Building

Tamheed assessments can help identify who suits which role within a team. Existing teams can be assessed to determine why potential problems are occurring.

How to Manage

Tamheed personality profile can be used to determine how best to manage employees, which can help improve performance and motivation.

Absenteeism & Shift Work

Tamheed can effectively predict who is most likely to be absent from work. Results can also indicate what type of shift pattern employees are suited to.

Personality Assessments

  • Self-Inventory 1 (SI1) – Most widely used.
  • Self-Inventory 2 (SI2) – More senior and executive role usage.
  • Self-Inventory Education (SIED) – Career Guidance Version.

Cognitive Ability Assessments

  • Error Detection – Perceptual scanning and Detecting Mistakes and Errors.
  • Orientation – Logic and Spatial Awareness.
  • Reasoning Categories – Advanced General Verbal Reasoning Skills.
  • Deductive Reasoning – General Verbal Reasoning Skills.
  • Number Fluency – Numeracy Skills.
  • Odds and Evens – Working Memory (Numerical)
  • Word Rules – Working Memory (Literacy)
  • Alphabet – Literacy Skills.
  • Capacity to Process Information – Directly linked to Trainability.